Introducing revolutionary, shock absorbing co-polymer PX1. which has been specifically engineered by Enertor for foot orthotics. PX1 is scientifically proven to be one of the leading shock-absorption materials on the market.

Enertor D3O insoles


Ready to wear or bespoke insoles


D3O technology is now the secret ingredient in many of the world’s leading products..


D3O is a ground-breaking smart materials company specialising in impact protection and shock absorption. Enertor® have recently partnered with D3O to exclusively utilize the unique patented technology within our orthotic solutions that provides an enhanced underfoot performance.



The D3O Performance Insole is a  totally unique combination of D3O and a semi rigid polypropylene shell. This device builds on years of orthotic design knowledge from Enertor and the cutting edge material properties of D3O.



The orthotic provides a strong stable rear-foot control, in built impact protection heel pad and a unique mid-foot impact control system designed to provide dynamic pro-nation control.


The unique shape of the mid-foot provides increased stability and velocity control, as well as preventing the over use of the anterior muscle group.


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Specialist Shoes in All Styles


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Specialist Shoes in All Styles

Specialist Shoes in All Styles