A General Foot care appointment will include: a full consultation, toenail trimming, thickened nails reduced, corns, callous, hard skin, skin filed, and Gehwol cream applied and any after care advice will be given.


With certain disorders, such as some ingrowing toenail pathologies, our specialists may carry out surgery, this will be assessed within your consultation. Although ingrowing toe nails can be painful our foot specialists will put you at ease and carry out a quick and painless treatment.


If you are looking for a complete over haul and want a cosmetic look then book in for our Medi Pedi - Your worth it!



When you are a diabetic one of the most important things is to look after are your feet.  This is because your feet can be affected by your life style hobbies and footwear which could lead to sore, painful feet if you are not having regular advice and treatment.  Minor foot aliments can lead to infection and  if left untreated it could cause major problems and affect your digits & lower limbs.


Regular appointments are strongly recommended every 6 weeks as well as attending your diabetic clinic with the community nurse.


Book now for piece of mind. We treat Type 1 & 2 diabetics and anyone who is borderline.



An ingrown toenail develops when the sides of the toenail grow into the surrounding skin. The big toe is often affected, either on one or both sides. The nail curls and pierces the skin, which becomes red, swollen and tender.


An ingrown toe Nail can be the result of many things - Poor toenail trimming, walking for long lengths of time, doing an activity that you would not normally do and ill fitting shoes.


We are highly experienced in this treatment and can normally remove the nail spur within minutes.



The Lacuna method is a treatment for fungal nails, which entails the drilling of several micro-holes throughout the nail plate. This allows an antifungal solution to be transported to the area of the infection. As the nail is already 'dead', the holes remain and grow out naturally. Post treatment, we recommend review appointments every 6 weeks. The Lacuna method is not a short term treatment and like most fungal nail treatments, may require over 18 months for the nail infection to grow out.





Find out how your feet can benefit from foot scanning improving posture and performance taking pressure off knees, pelvis and shoulders.  Anyone having physio will benefit for orthotic device supports in their shoe which immediately improves their balance and rotates the pelvis.


The Consultant will examine your lower limbs, make a recording of you walking and show it back to you so that you can understand the process. Quotation on request.


Aches and pains in your lower limbs and feet? We are experts in stabilizing the foot area and can advise a suitable treatment plan to cure your aches and pains. We have a wide range of orthotics available.



A foot scan is needed for prescription orthotics.  The specialist will look at your footwear and you will decide together the best design you will need depending on your life style and hobbies.


An orthotic is an external device that supports, corrects posture and balance within the body to enable patients to walk correctly and allow them to be free of pain and ailments caused by their feet.. For the lower limbs we often use a gait analysis to study how you stand, walk or run.  Depending on the problem, we can provide ready-made or custom built insoles. We will assess this by offering you a foot scan which can tell us so much about your feet body and posture.

Someone who would benefit from orthotics would be walkers, runners, sports people, teachers, nurses, retail assistants, pregnant and obese patients.  Also Patients born flat footed and anyone standing for long periods can benefit too

Diabetics and patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, arthritis, back, shoulder, hip and knee pain as well as other ailments would feel a significant difference to their lifestyle immediately.

Orthotic devises have changed patients lives and prevented them from having operations on joints and even given them the freedom to walk without a walking aid. We also see children with gait problems. If you want to know more then call us now for more information.



Ladies & Gents - Feet feeling frazzled and look unloved then this is for you

Examination and assessment by qualified professional consultant

  • Foot Soak
  • Nails cut and filed with file
  • Cuticle removal and sulci clearance with ball-headed burr
  • Callous and hard skin debridement with scalpel
  • Heels and rough areas reduced and smoothed with foot file
  • Nails buffed and oil applied
  • Foot oil/lotion applied
  • A colour varnish of your choice extra £5.00
  • A Colour gel of your choice extra £10.00

We are the only Clinic that offers this service in Worcestershire



Prosthetic Nails is a very clever way of disguising unsightly nails due to trauma or fungal diseases. If you have  partial nail loss due to damage or thickened crumbling discoloured nails and you are embarrassed, then this is the treatment for, enabling you to be proud of your feet wherever you go and enable you to wear open toe shoes.


The product that we use contains a Mycota ingredient which is prescribed for fungal infections. So not only will they look good they will be treated at the same time.

Nail growth can take up to 18 months and depending on each individual patient we cannot always guarantee the fungal problem will go but through experience the nail plate looks healthier after only one treatment usually. we at ifoothealthcare have had fantastic results for both men and woman.  Book in with Joanne if you are thinking about having complete natural nails!



New       £40  New Patients Foot Care

               £30 Consultation

               £35 Foot Care Regular

               £40 Foot Care 3 Months

               £45 Ingrown Toe Nail from

               £35 - £50 Verruca/Freezing

               £55 Medi Pedi

               £20 Prosthetic Nails

               £20 Senior Citizen Weds Clinic

               £25 Sports Strapping

               £59 RS Foot Scanning

               £379 Bespoke Orthotics

               £45 Universal Orthotics

               £49 Home Visits (terminally ill)

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